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Zoo de Champrépus


Now, when I say in French we are going to the ‘zoo’, I get really puzzled looks . Much the same way I do when, just when I think I’m rocking this French malarkey, I churn out a sentence and the person I’m speaking to crumples their face up like a piece of paper whilst taking a few steps backwards. There is no disguising that they just don’t get what I’m saying.  Not at all.

Having said this, there are many French speakers who will patiently will me on and keep their internal thoughts of, this womans word order is criminal, to themselves.  However, many will give you no such slack missus, they’re going to let you know all over their face that they cannot, for the life of them, understand what you are attempting to say.

what did you say 2

I digress – one of those words for me is ‘zoo’ even though there can’t possibly be that many words in any language that start with ‘z’. Can there? It’s the same word in French and English. Even the above named ‘Zoo’ is called Zoo. But in my experience, when I attempt to say this to a French speaker they just can’t fathom it. I know, I know, it’s my accent but how bad can my accent be? Because ladies and gentlemen it is, of course, a parc zoologique. Well of course it is and who would want to shorten that?!


My pronunciation of the word Zoo aside – This Zoo is fantastic.  It is a must visit if you have children of all ages. It’s a must visit if you’re an adult. We love it and have visited twice. It is so well maintained and has a great range of animals together with interactive stations for the children.  Children, young and old will love this zoo.  There’s a funky bridge to cross from one side of the zoo to the other. There is a lovely petting area where you can feed the goats, sheep and other animals. A tropical area, Asian area, penguins and African area to name but a few.


The toilets (I always judge a place on its toilet facilities) are spotless and have cute little mini toilets.  The restaurant is clean, staff are friendly and the food is lovely. Of course, you can take a picnic to enjoy but I wouldn’t hesitate to eat in the restaurant on a day out if you can’t be bothered to take a picnic. It’s very reasonable and why not?! If you are a Normandy resident then I think it is well worth buying the yearly pass. There is a special offer currently on – I shall be signing up.

yearly pass


I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.  Here’s a link to the ‘Zoo’ which can also be read in English giving you all the practical information you need. Zoo de Champrépus






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