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Why I Won’t Be Getting A Carte De Séjour

don't care

Nope. You’re not going to make me. Surely this is the sensible option I hear you say? Surely you’d be mad not to, you know, just in case you need one post Brexit?

Nope. I didn’t get the memo on the sensible thing. Clearly I am not that way inclined. As the sensible thing would have been to hang fire on selling the family home in South London, hang fire on that moving the kids to a country where they couldn’t speak the language (or at best had the illusion of speaking it!), waited until the pound recovered from falling off a cliff edge and waited to see what would happen post Brexit. But where would the fun in that be?! If you, like me, voted with your feet – or took the view that a move had to be sooner rather than later – then what is the likely hood that I’m going to apply for a card, that I may or may not need, just in case ? Yarp you guessed it. A big fat zero.

Joking aside – if you want to know why we moved prior and not post Brexit you can read more about it here.

So primarily the reason I shan’t be getting a *Carte De Sejour (and now I can’t be faffed with the accent and you will not see one apart from the one in the title – oh bolshy old thing ain’t I!) anytime soon is, well, I can’t be bothered!

Seriously, don’t I have enough to do? Yeah, yeah you big martyr living the dream. First world problems and all that. Granted but the thought of starting another process, just in case, is not appealing to me in any way shape or form. In any universe. In any doing things proper type of World. Nope. And yes, you can all wave your Carte De Sejour’s in my face, being all smug like, when the clock strikes 2019 or 2020 or whenever it’s meant to be all over. I like admin but I don’t like it that much.

*Carte De Sejour – so in basic terms as I don’t do high brow – this is a card that your non EU citizens need to reside in France. Being part of the EU (by our skinny skin skin) we don’t need one. Freedom of movement and all that. We can just up root, plonk ourselves down in France and say we’re living, working, retiring, sending the kids to school, using your healthcare (ta very much!) here. And no one bats an eyelid. However, an American (for example) has to get themselves a Carte De Sejour to prove they have the right to live here. They have to send in all their paperwork i.e passport etc, prove they have a job and if you don’t – prove you won’t be a burden. Personally I’m always going to be a burden if I’m not fluent by next year. You will then get a temporary card for a year or 5/10 years. Not sure. But this site will tell you all you need to know Remain In France.

So far we have arranged; water, electricity (temporary and permanent), fosse (our waste system), schools, doctors, insurances – house, contents, car, health, set up micro-entrepreneur, Mr Normandy’s social security number for his work, mutelle top up, re-registration of our car (don’t talk to me about that car!), bank accounts and now I’m meant to get a Carte de Sejour?! I don’t think so.

Does this gal look like she’s getting a Carte De Sejour anytime soon?

And here (apart from being lazy) are some more reasons on the “Why should I?!” front:-

I’m still a European citizen and have the right to free movement. I’m going to darn well enjoy it and cling onto it as long as possible. I will get a card at the last knockings and only when I’m told to and not before.

What ever happened to the very first round of talks where the EU said anyone who is in France before 2019 will keep their EU status? I took that to mean…well, just that. I can come and go as I please thank you very much. No one is mentioning that now and even the British Embassy are suggesting  you get a card, as quite frankly, no one knows what will happen. Well, I’m going to pretend, that the first indication that things will be just fine, still stands. Ignorance is bliss.

What if, post Brexit, you need a special type of card? A card that isn’t a Carte De Sejour but a card that is for someone who was here as an EU citizen but then they weren’t. Just like all the EU residents in the UK. So, if I apply for a Carte De Sejour – it could transpire that I need a different card and what a waste of time that would have been #wails.

What if, they all agree, we don’t need any card for residents pre 2019. Or you just have a card issued that says you don’t need a card, as you were here before you needed a card. It does make sense you just have to re-read it.

I have 3 children in French schools (many schools close down due to lack of numbers in rural France) are they seriously going to kick out my children because I don’t have a Carte De Sejour? Are they going to kick out Master Normandy during his final Brevet year? That’s not very EU like is it. Much like you don’t kick a child out of school because the parent is a pain in the arse. The child has done nothing wrong.

Also, it has occurred to me that for all the Brits scampering around getting a Carte De Sejour may have stitched us all up like a kipper. Because had there not been a mass influx of this (and nationality by the way), the authorities might not have even thought about this route. As it is they might think, “so many have applied, we may as well get them all to get one”. But really we weren’t that fussed before. Understandably there are many different tales of how easy it is to get a Carte de Sejour. Some have waiting lists for an appointment, others are told they won’t issue one (I mean technically you don’t need to have one) and I can totally understand why some departments are puzzled by it all. So yes, I think we may have made a rod for our own backs.

I was on one forum recently and I was accused of not making people worry! Wow, that’s a first. How very dare I – being all laid back about things. I have no issues with people applying for a card. If it makes them feel better – great! It’s not going to make me feel better, it’s just going to be another thing to add on the “to do list”. Live life. Enjoy the moment and on the balance of probabilities I reckon everything’s going to be alright!

good day.jpg

Edit – And another thing! After getting totally ambushed on a French forum for saying I wasn’t getting a card last week. The first assault was “you’ve been told by the British government” wailed one poster. Seriously? Do you really want to have this conversation? We’re still taking notice of what the British government says after recent times? Yeah pinch and salt spring to mind. It’ll be 600 euros afterwards. No, it’ll be 250 pipped up another. I DON’T CARE. TIME IS MONEY. My time is precious. I’ve got better things to be doing like 1) improving my French 2) earning a living. Well clearly you haven’t been here long enough when you realise they’ll be lots of paperwork…erm what like every other agency that requires paperwork, asks for it again and then some more?

Why can’t anyone see the logic in all of this? Do you really think, come March, if you don’t have a CDS you’ll be marched out? The conversation will go like this:-

“do you have a CDS?”


“you need one”


“we need x,y & z and the kitchen sink – you’ll send it then we’ll ask for it all again about 4 times in total.”


“here’s your card – as you were”

The End.

If you would like more information on the Carte De Sejour here are some more useful links.

You have been reading Our Normandy Life!

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10 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Getting A Carte De Séjour”

    1. Thank’s for sharing your Brexit article – a great read and readers the link is safe if you want to have a look at this well written blog about a move to France


  1. Great idea – Not! Why not wait until there are thousands more people asking for a CDS? I have had one since 2002, haven’t been obliged since 2004, and find it very useful.


    1. What does it matter?! What do you think is going to happen whilst my application is waiting to be processed. Again no one applies any logic to the next step – if you don’t have one you’ll be asked to get one, you’ll then get one. The end! You may well have had a card that you don’t need since 2002 and I doubt very much you’ve needed to show it! Thank you for taking the time to comment.


  2. My thoughts exactly i have been in France since 2000 worked ,paid my taxes never needed a cds and I don’t think they are going to match is to the border the French government will loose to much money


    1. Exactly and no one is really talking about the 3 million EU nationals in the UK are they all going to have to get a special card – I don’t think so!


  3. Good Evening,

    just wanted to say I have just come across your Blog and read various articles over the last hour and I wanted just to congratulate you on a great read so very well written and most importantly it made me smile a lot. My French partner and I ( I am not stupid sod learning French ) have been renovating an old farmhouse near you every other weekend for the last three years and it opened this year as a Chambre d’ hote what ever that means and it has been the most amazing journey and why I still come back to the UK every week to work four days I have no idea and having read your various articles I feel very very shortly I too will be getting a one way ticket… 🙂

    Thanks for a great read.




    1. Hi Daryl, I do so love these comments! I am just about to finish another post and was only just saying to Mr Normandy I only write one post a month at the moment and get lots of views can you imagine if I wrote more! Do please also come on over to my fb page of the same name where I natter on about all sorts with pictures. I am delighted for you – one for having a fluent speaker at your disposal #jealous! and that you are enjoying renovating your property and are now up and running for business! Yes, you really do need to jack it all in and get yourself a one way ticket. What’s the worst that could happen? Chin Chin yourself! Natasha


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