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And Then There Were Four…

Wow, what an absence from writing but I do have some very good excuses for you all so bear with! As ever, you will all need to do a spell check for me as you all know how I like to hit publish before I re-check anything.

So my last post was about the problems you may encounter with regard to the language barrier. It came from a place, whereby, in actual fact it was my French (level B1/B2) that was bringing up the rear in the family. I subsequently went on a four month intensive language course from March to June last year which including a three week work placement at a local company. I enjoyed this course immensely and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending it. I will, of course, write a separate post about what it entails etc and how you can go about finding something similar.

So whilst doing this course, I carried on with my usual social media work which left me little room to do much else. I also separated from Mr Normandy at the start of the year and we are in the process of divorcing. This also took up a great deal of time. I will not write about the ins and outs of this for the time being but will, after the process, write about how you go about getting a divorce in France as British nationals and all that it entails. That has probably been the main reason why I have not been able to write as I would have liked to.

However, I am back! We are now a unit of 4 here in rural Normandy and I am also involved with a project with a person that makes living in Normandy the best fun it can possibly be – Alex. Whilst last year was certainly difficult it was also a lot of fun!

Together, we have set up France By Mistake – a spin off if you like! We will be recording youtube videos and later a podcast about life here in Normandy, France. If you are wondering about the name – it stems from the film Withnail and I where there is a scene in which they say to the farmer, whilst it is pissing down with rain (as standard for Normandy), “we’ve gone on holiday by mistake!” – we both love that film and thought it was a fitting name for our new venture so voilà! Do come on over to our facebook page, instagram and subscribe to our youtube channel. I will still be writing articles on here and you will find my daily life (if it is of interest!) over on my instagram page of the same name.

See you soon!

With Nail And I – “we’ve gone on holiday by mistake!”

8 thoughts on “And Then There Were Four…”

  1. I love Withnail and I, and appreciate your reference to the “we’ve gone on holiday by mistake” scene. Looking forward to reading more of your France By Mistake blog!

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  2. Good to hear, have really missed your blog, seeing some of your posts on instagram I thought for a moment you had returned to the UK, glad you are working everything out x


  3. Bonne Année!
    Nice to read a post from you! Here’s hoping that the four of you will have a wonderful 2022! As Yazz and The Plastic Population used to say, The Only Way is Up!

    Best wishes!

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  4. Although I am delighted to now read your latest news from Normandie I am so sorry that your shared dream has had end : my wife and I planned our exodus from Beckenham carefully and fully committed to moving to Hauts de France. Unlike you, our children were fully grown and had long flown the nest so the problems I imagine you and your husband shared were exacerbated ten times compared to us.

    Nevertheless being alone in France with your children must be a struggle but only you know whether or not life will improve ‘tout seul.’

    So I shall continue to enjoy (and respond) to your wonderful epistles yet offer my sadness at the breakdown of your relationship.

    Courage ma brave!

    David A Bryden

    Sent from Mail for Windows



    1. Hi David thank you so much for your kind comments – yes the pressure was on and it is certainly harder with younger children but that wasn’t the problem although I can’t go into detail. I don’t feel alone as I did the same things before and whilst a difficult year also one of the best I had in a long time if that makes sense. Thanks again it’s very kind of you! Natasha x


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