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The Enchanted Village

Behind the gates and up the driveway, to the top of the park, you enter and see the Enchanted Village for the first time

You had me at the name.  I mean how can you not visit “The Enchanted Village”?  Not only that it’s just outside the pretty little village called Bellefontaine.  How fitting.  Although this actually reminds me of the character in The Godfather, you know the singer, Johnny Fontane? Everytime I drive past I say “Johnny Bellefontaine”! I digress. Back to The Enchanted Village. 

The entrance isn’t giving too much away. It looks very understated if truth be told. As does lots of attractions in France – I think they’re just like hey we do stuff, we don’t need to go all jazz hands come in, don’t come in. Whatever.

So, yes it’s not an attraction whereby if you saw it on the outside you would insist upon having a look. It’s all a bit of oooh what’s in there? Maybe that’s their secret. Maybe they want it to be all mysterious.

A bicycle zip wire

Once inside there is amply parking and the entrance is at the very top of the Village.  We arrived just as it was opening – we went with friends so between us there were two forty somethings, 13 year old, 2 x 11 year olds, 7 year old and a 6 year old.

They’ll be fine!

The first thing that you are struck by are the numerous zip wires going across the park. The health and safety does feel very relaxed. No helmets are required by the children but they are given a demonstration and then let loose.  There is a chap who will zip wire himself to anybody that get’s stuck – which did happen with the eldest children.  One of them did get a little scared at one point, as they were both stuck on a tiny platform and couldn’t work out how to get off. Sure enough ‘The Zip Man’ (as he has now been affectionately called) came to the rescue. Whilst us adults were wondering if we really should have let them have a go – we did console ourselves with the fact that it made for great photos and a bit of fear never did anyone any harm. Plus we’re in France and we shrugged it off.

Sumo suits – great fun!

At the bottom of the park there were more activities – go karting, bouncy castles, a raft that you have to pull to cross a lake, mini pedalos and a bicycle zip wire. Although by far the absolute favourite was a wooden wheel that for the life of us could not get the kids out of. Yes, even the 13 year old. I’m sure they’d still be there given half the chance.

At the back of the park you will find, what I am assuming, is the original Enchanted Village – little story windows of fairy tales set within the woods. This part does look a bit dated and this isn’t a park with huge fairground rides but I kind of liked that. It’s very relaxed and you can easily spend all day there.


And let us not forget the sumo suit wrestling at the top of the park – quite a struggle to get into but so much fun and an indoors game room.

The only way to travel around The Enchanted Village

I have to be honest, the food at the cafe isn’t the best I’ve had. It is adequate – the normal steak hache (which will be bloody), chicken nuggets, chips and baguettes. I personally, would take a picnic and maybe get drinks and ice-cream.

A wonderful day out for all the family of all ages and we shall definitely be returning.


Here’s a link to their website for all their up-to-date opening times and tariffs. Enjoy!

The Enchanted Village




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