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Parc Ange Michel

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One of the many rides

This amusement park is in the Manche region of France – Saint Martin Des Landelles to be exact. The journey to the park, as you draw nearer, is typically scenic as you wind down the French country roads. So much so, that you may at some point question your SatNav’s ability but bear with – as you are going in the right direction. It’s not like Chessington where you come off the motorway and it is clear as day – you are on the right course. You will come across Parc Ange Michel by arriving in an unassuming field.

I think this was the favourite ride for kids and adults alike

We went in the height of summer and barely queued for 10 minutes. I find this to be the case with so many French attractions and we have been to many all across France.  Granted it’s not all sparkling and new, in fact it can look a bit dated in places, but if fun is what you are after then you’ve come to the right place and at half the price of a UK theme park. I found it to have a certain retro charm about it, although if you are a thrill seeker, than this place probably isn’t going to tick those boxes.

A little roller coaster

However, for good all round entertainment without the thrills of a big dipper this is still a great day out.  There is an assortment of rides which cater to all ages – even the older ones. In particular, our older ones liked the inflatable power boats and the swimming splash/slide area at no additional costs which can be the case in the UK. So be sure to bring costumes and towels etc. There are rollercoasters, bouncy castles, swinging high chairs, pony rides, go karting (an extra charge for over 14s), trampolines, mini train that takes you all around the park, animals, lazer shooting, slides and lots more.



There’s also a quiet little chapel just snuck around the corner from the splash park area. The whole park feels like it’s in the middle of no where (as it probably is!) and has a wonderful outlook to the surrounding countryside.

There are plenty of eateries and snack stations – we opted for chichi’s as we had come with a picnic so I can’t comment on the main restaurant there but it looked nice enough.

What I would say is the park itself is very hilly, so if walking is a problem, you will need to get the little train to get you to the top/bottom of the park. We didn’t find the stop for this very clear – in fact we didn’t really see a stop sign but just jumped on by the roller coaster at the parks’ entrance. There are no real health and safety regulations which suited us when the train was full to capacity. To our delight we (7 of us) were told to clamber into the drivers cabin which meant we were more out the train than in it.

Another time we were on the train, this time assuming the correct position i.e a seat, we thought the train was at an offical stop. Wrong. It started moving and the driver wasn’t best pleased when he saw us leaving the train whilst it was moving. So that’s the only thing to consider when trying to get on and off the darn thing! Although maybe that’s a ride in itself?

The roller coaster where we picked up the train from

That aside we did walk down to the laser tag section. Any fully able bodied person should be able to manage the gradients and it’ll certainly keep you fit.

All in all we had a super day out at Parc Ange Michel and will be returning for another visit with all the family.

For all opening times and tariffs here is the link to their website. Enjoy!

Parc Ange Michel



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