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Our Normandy Life was set up to detail the journey of a family of five’s move to Normandy France. To give people considering a move, especially with older children, a positive and practical guide on all that this entails. This has led to more writing opportunities – all of which would not have been possible without the effective use of social media.

Who am I?

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I am a freelance writer with experience of running another successful blog prior to starting afresh with Our Normandy Life.  My previous website had over 1.7 milion views. Giving up those types of viewing figures and all that comes with it, wasn’t an easy decision. However, I was confident I could recreate the same level of success, with the effective use of social media.

You can read all about my achievements with this blog . In short, because people read the content of the blog and based on my viewing numbers, I was able to work with many brands which were relevant to the parenting content. Companies like Zaggora, Bamboo Clothing, Helly Henson, Breville, Micro Scooters, London Sea Life, Book Reviews, Hotel Chocolat  and many more. I also featured regularly on round ups with the UK’s biggest parenting blog network Britmums who are Britain’s “biggest collective of lifestyle bloggers and social influncers”. I am pleased to say that I have continued to be featured by Britmums in a very short space of time.

This all started with me simply opening my laptop and writing. What I love about social media is that you can really run with an idea, create something from nothing and earn money from it.  The blogging community (writing about their chosen subject) and now the vlogging community (using youtube to talk about their subject) are excellent examples of this. These people are earning a living by merely using social media effectively and you can adopt the same approach for your business in Normandy.

I am passionate about helping people maximise their social media potential whether you’re a complete novice or consider yourself a dab hand. I want Our Normandy Life to help your normandy life no matter what sort of business you run here. Be it a gite, shop, gardening services, B&B, mobile hairdressing or salon. I am confident I can help.

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How can you help me?

Your normandy life will more than likely consist of running a self-employed, small business. You may be using social media already and feel that there isn’t much you can learn from it. However, you may not be seeing the results you would like. In particular, if you have paid for ‘sponsored’ posts by facebook and haven’t had any more sales or bookings. Are you using instagram, twitter, pinterest, youtube and other platforms properly?  You may not have a clue how any of it works and need help understanding basic functions.

You may not know what to put in posts or how to engage with your customer base.  Are you having a dialogue with the right potential customers? There’s little point of someone liking your page who lives in a different country and will never buy anything from your shop. Whatever your level of experience, I am confident that I can help you get the best from your social media interaction.

Here’s what people are saying about the help they have received from Our Normandy Life

“We are now in our 2nd year of running our rural retreat Gites here in Normandy and after having an enjoyable and thankfully successful first year we are looking forward to welcoming our guests for 2018 however, I wanted to focus the business on a specific target market and felt I needed some advice on the best way of going about this. Whilst I was using social media – at times I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was relevant and sometimes I didn’t quite understand the jargon. Natasha explained everything clearly and in a logical manner. I have no hesitation in recommending her services and have total confidence in her abilities when I hand over for a social media holiday!”

Cheryl at Gites Le Bisson, Heusse, Lower Normandy , Facebook Gites Le Bisson

“Natasha is brilliant. Always responsive and a safe pair of hands. Thank you Natasha” Sophia Green Tree Glamping, Normandy 

“Natasha was recommended to me by another local business in Normandy and I am so glad they did! She explained clearly what we needed to do to keep our existing customer’s up-to-date. I don’t have time to post a lot of content and to be honest it’s all above my head. Once I met her I was more than happy to hand it over. I trust her 100%. Prior to that she sent me a questionnaire that really made me think about my priorities for the business this year – sometimes it helps to have a fresh pair of eyes. An unbiased opinion. Natasha comes up with original content, ideas and has taken time to understand the whole operation of the business. Not only that we have had new customers and increased sales. I can always contact her and she’s always happy to help. I would recommend her to anyone to manage your social media. John Marsden, Bacon By The Box

We moved to Normandy last year and had to quickly set up our two gites before the season started, whilst also settling our two girls into French school.  I needed to focus on this so asked Natasha to take over our social media accounts for a month. I know how important this is – it’s a job in itself. I knew I could trust her completly and was delighted with her posts. I love that she is just as passionate about our business as we are!” Deborah Powell, Gites de Jonquille, Percy, Normandy

 “Right from the start the offering was professional, Natasha sent us a questionnaire so that she could prepare the training & tailor it directly to our needs. By the time she came (which was very rapid) she’d clearly researched our market place along with our web site & current social media presence & arrived with pertinent suggestions & links to relevant other sites to demonstrate best practice. The training was perfectly adapted to our level of competence & the follow-up support through messenger has been excellent. You can’t necessarily take our FB page as being a perfect example of Natasha’s work yet, we’re still improving, but thanks to Natasha I don’t doubt we’ll get there !” Helen, Sales Manager at Raison Bois, Perrou, Normandy

And not just in Normandy – the Dordogne too!

“A great help with my social media marketing, an alien world for oldies like me! I am sure many people feel the same, and I would say it is well worth getting in touch with Natasha to guide you!” Mark Davis, Mark Davis Enseignes Etc, Dordogne

What’s Involved?

I can arrange a meeting at your business or home address for either a morning or afternoon appointment. I will go through all the different social media platforms and discuss how you can use them effectively. I will answer any questions you may have or things you don’t quite understand. I will also give you a personal appraisal of your unique business and what specifically you can do to engage people.  What you are doing that works well. What you can improve upon. Prior to my visit, I will ask you to complete a brief questionnaire to establish what you would like to gain most from my visit so I can tailor it to your specific needs.  I will also be able to have a look at your presence on line and give you an unbiased view of what I, a potential customer, thinks. After my visit you will receive individual PDF documents on what has been discussed, as I appreciate it can be a lot to take in. It doesn’t end there as I can offer a follow up service or take over your social media for a short time or a longer period.

How much does this cost? 

Our Normandy Life – SMS 

Social Media Solutions – Passionate About Helping Your Normandy Life! 

Siret Registration Number 83513385100013

My fees are listed below:-

Morning Appointment 9 am – 12pm    150 euros

Afternoon Appointment 1pm – 4pm    150 euros

These sessions will include a print out on what has been covered, hands on demonstration of the core social media platforms i.e facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube and how you can engage your customers more effectively.  Prior to my visit, I would have asked you fill in a detailed questionnaire in order that I can fully assess your business and the direction in which your social media needs to take. 

*Social Media Management

75 euros for 4 weeks

At least 20 posts on this account per month, follow relevant pages, monitor news feeds, respond to engagement, research optimum groups to join and more.

Depending on the nature of the account – we can also discuss a more complex role which will be subject to individual pricing. 

Complete Set Up Of Facebook/Twitter 

If you do not have a Facebook or Twitter account, I will guide you through the whole process, write your story and make sure it is the best it can be.

One Off Fee – 100 euros 

No need for passwords – simply add me as an ‘admin’ on your page and I’ll do the rest on Facebook and Twitter.

*Facebook – At least 20 posts on this account per month, follow relevant pages, monitor news feeds, respond to engagement and more. 

*Twitter – At least 5 posts on this account to get you up and running, follow relevant accounts and respond to engagement.

I will also guide you through the setting up of other accounts like instagram and pinterest. I will always be available to chat via FB messenger and will provide you with updates and ways in which you can promote your business further.

You can use this a social media holiday, a hand holding service or just to get an idea of what type or things you should be writing.  There is no notice period once the one month is up – you simply take over your social media again.


These accounts can be managed via your unique Social Media Solutions gmail account.  A visit will be required to source content and discuss our aims and objectives. The fee for these per month are as follows:-

Initial Content Meeting – 75 euros

Monthly Management Fee  

Youtube –     75 euros 

Instagram –  50 euros 

Pinterest –    50 euros

Follow-up Visit

one hour –  50 euros

two hours – 95 euros

Facebook Messenger HelpLine

30 minutes – 15 euros 

Written articles for your website

100 euros per post 

Review Post on Our Normandy Life website

100 euros per post 

Travel Fees

Up to 25 Kilometres one way – Free

Over 25 Kilometres one way – 0,42€/ km return trip 

For more than 1 hour travel, a 12€ hour will be charged on top of above.

Payment Methods

Cheques (made payable to Natasha Alexander), Cash (receipt provided), Bank Transfer (RIB details available upon request) and paypal (3% additional fee added to cover charges). All payable after the SMS service has been provided upon receipt of your Facture (invoice).

Natasha Alexander

Our Normandy Life – Social Media Solutions

Passionate about helping Your Normandy Life!

Contact email: ournormandylife@gmail.com

Website http://www.ournormandylife.com




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